The Naniwa Tobi Tradition Preservation Society is an organization working for the general public for the preservation, promotion, transmission and inheritance of traditional tobi (scaffolding workers) techniques derived from machibikeshi (Japanese traditional local fire brigade) techniques continuing from the Edo era.

Through our activities, we contribute to local communities, international friendship, and ultimately the peace of the world by: promoting sound upbringing of the youth and socio-cultural education for the general public. This is done through encounters with traditional cultures, codes and manners; promoting local communities and their revitalization through participation in local events and ceremonies; propagating Japanese traditional firemanship culture both domestically and internationally; and attracting visitors from across the nation and the world through cultural exchanges, etc.

We are also committed to educational activities to raise awareness about fire- and disaster-prevention among the general public and to various local measures for fire- and disaster-prevention, thereby contributiong to the improvement of safety in local communities.

Specific fields of activities of the Naniwa Tobi Tradition Preservation Society are as follows:

1. Activities to promote social education
2. Activities to promote local community development
3. Activities for development of domestic tourism industries
4. Activities for development of academic, cultural, art and sport activities
5. Regional safety activities
6. International cooperation activities
7. Activities to promote sound upbringing of the youth
8. Activities to develop professional competencies and increase employment opportunities
9. Organizational operations and communication for the activities mentioned above, and advisory and supporting activities

To fullfill objectives of the activities mentioned above, we are engaged in the following operations:

1. Management and support of cultural lessons/classes to convey/teach traditional culture, and dispatching instructors/lecturers
2. Planning, management and support of performance events
3. Research, preservation, transmission and publication of traditional firemanship culture
4. Overseas cultural exchange events
5. Education and promotion of local fire- and disaster-prevention measures
6. Development of tobi professional competencies and support for employment opportunities
7. Other operations necessary to fulfill designated objectives



NameThe Naniwa Tobi Tradition Preservation Society
Headquarters#606, 3-2-8 Abiko, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 558-0014, Japan
FoundedAugust 14th, 2013
Directors◆Representative Director
Kenji Shishido
◆Deputy director
Kazuhito hayashi
Toshiaki Takeda
Takuya Tasato
Nobuhito Arao


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