Tobi & Firefighter Traditions

Traditional tobi and firefighter culture born in the Edo era.

Kiyari (firefighters’ chants)


Traditional work chants of firefighters in the Edo period

Kiyari originally refers to work chants that were sung to keep rhythm and unite the firefighters.


Hashigonori (Ladder-top stunt)


The symbolic flower of firemanship culture in the Edo period

This is a traditional art of firemen in the Edo era that was performed during seasonal events such as New Year ceremonies and attracted the eyes of many people.


Hanten (a firefighter’s livery)


Symbolic uniform of traditional firefighters

These livery coats are simply the uniform of traditional firefighters.
There are varieties of combinations of patterns, designs, characters and numbers.


Matoi (firefighter standards)


Symbolic standards for each fire brigade used during firefighting.

They are derived from commanders’ horse standards used in the Warring States period of Japan (mid 15th century through early 17th century).


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