Message from the Chairperson

I believe the spirit of firemanship is necessarily a representation of the spirit of self-sacrifice and an altruistic mind.
Members of the society and I eagarly hope to be individuals living and working sincerely with a mind that is grateful for the existence of the society.

Although it is no easy task, we are determined to embody our philosophy: “To enrich the minds of the people through the spirit of firefighters.”

Also, we are domestically facing a rapidly aging society.

While the tobi population is also aging, we work to increase opportunities for older tobi workers to continue working. We also expect the younger ones among them to preserve Japanese traditional firemanship culture and promote awareness thereof through domestic and international exchange events.

Specifically, the Naniwa Tobi Tradition Preservation Society engages in:
(1) emergency relief activities in any event of emergency;
(2) professional instruction and training for domestic/international young tobi workers
(3) support activities for local revitalization and trourism promotion events.

We are seriously committed to helping members of our society acquire traditional tobi techniques and develop themselves with pride.

the representative director of the Naniwa Tobi Tradition Preservation Society


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